Sportsprogramm has been started @ Gharb Sportsground!

Christmas Chocolate is now available!!!


Florian Gall

Florian is a specialist in trail - running since a couple of years.  He has taken part in many races around Europe. In May 2018 he won the X-Terra 52k Trail Competition arround Gozo. Before this time he was a semi-professional mountainbike rider and likewise cycling in many competitions. Hiking is for him a very goog alterantive as musculair strain, even he can slow down and be part of the nature. What's while running not almost possible.

As he loves to eate Chocolate, time was come to start his own organic homeproduction..


Christine,          Bella & Salomon Gall

Since July 2018 the family has moved from Stuttgart in Germany to Gharb on Gozo for changing their way of live.

The last years they have been focused on their nutrition and the move into a healthy vegetarian, vegan and glutenfree food. As they are very communicative people they love to share now their research and knowledge. His wife Christine is an expert for Homemade Bread and different Cakes & Pastries. Also she is very good informed about how to change nutrition slowly and sustainable.


Salomon is born 2014 and will start at School in October 2018 here on Gozo. He loves to swim at the beautiful beaches and cycling with his bike. Also assembling his Legostones and playing footbool are some of his interests.


Our baby Bella is born in May 2018 and starts crawling at this time.